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80s FANGORIA MAGAZINES FOR SALE! One copy each so please be quick...

CONDITION: Generally good to very good: some spine creases, a tiny lower right hand crease, minor scuffs along the spine.


PRICES: As marked, plus $10 shipping within Australia (PayPal, EFT, Australia Post money orders or personal cheques), $15 shipping outside Australia (PayPal only). PLEASE ASK ABOUT COMBINED POSTAGE RATES FOR MULTIPLE ITEMS.

FANGORIA #21 (1982) Fear On Film Continues! - Part 3 interview with John Carpenter, John Landis and David Cronenberg, John Waters: Art or Offal?, Craig Reardon on Poltergeist's FX, Rob Bottin on The Thing, Friday the 13th Part III in 3D, Zacherle, The Sword And The Sorcerer, Dee Wallace and Christopher Stone on Joe Dante, Mexican horror-wrestling movies Part 2… $20

FANGORIA #29 (1983) Gates Of Hell, Dead Zone, Griffith Dunne on American Werewolf in London (plus poster!), Sam Sherman on Independent International, Ray Dennis Steckler photo gallery, HG Lewis book excerpt, Twilight Zone: The Movie, Krull… $15

FANGORIA #31 (1983) Dead Zone's Debra Hill, Pieces, Amityville 3D, Scott Glenn on The Keep, Exorcist FX, Don Sharp (Psychomania), Frankenstein's Daughter, Bert I. Gordon, Richard Matheson on Twilight Zone: The Movie and Jaws 3D, Funhouse poster…$15

FANGORIA #34 (1984) Interviews with Dario Argento and Peter Weir, Edwin (Chainsaw) Neal, Michael Berryman (Hills Have Eyes), Rick Baker, Dreamscape, Mutant, Ramones' Psychotherapy, Robert Clarke on Hideous Sun Demon, Videodrome poster… $15

FANGORIA #35 (1984) Stephen King interview, Dario Argento Part 2, Rick Baker, Hammer FX man Roy Ashton, Invasion Of The Saucer Men, more on Ramones' Psychotherapy, Twilight Zone: The Movie poster…$15

FANGORIA #36 (1984) Interviews with Stephen King, Mutant's Wings Hauser and John "Bud" Carlos, Hammer director Roy Ward Baker (The Vampire Lovers), Savini on Friday 13th The Final Chapter, Boris Karloff tribute, The Brood poster… $15

FANGORIA #37 (1984) Rick Baker, Joe Dante on Gremlins, Martin's John Amplas, Hills Have Eyes 2 set report, Horror Of Party Beach, Dick Miller interview, Gene Simmons, "lost" Ed Wood Jr, Creepshow poster…$10

FANGORIA #38 (1984) Wes Craven on Hills Have Eyes 2, Richard Franklin on Cloak And Dagger, Joe Dante on Gremlins part 2, Robot Monster, FX wiz Chris Walas (Gremlins), Jonathan Haze (Little Shop Of Horrors), Philadelphia Experiment, Salem's Lot poster…$10

FANGORIA #39 (1984) Dreamscape, I Spit On Your Grave producer, Gremlins FX, V's aliens, Attack Of The 50 Ft Woman, Don't Open Til Christmas, Ed Wood Jr paperbacks, Amityville 3D poster…$10

FANGORIA #40 (1984) Return Of The Living Dead set report, Arnold Swarzeneggar interview, Hammer's Karnstein vampires, Nightmare On Elm St, Brother Theodore, Warrior Of The Lost World, First Man Into Space, Night Of The Comet, Ghostbusters poster…$10

FANGORIA #41 (1985) Christopher Lee interview Part 1, Tales From The Darkside, James Cameron on The Terminator, Larry Buchanan, CHUD and Ghostbusters effects, Kowalski (Attack Of The Giant Leeches), Motel Hell poster…$10

FANGORIA #42 (1985) Christopher Lee Part 2, Mario Bava Part 2, Stephen King/Peter Straub interviews Part 2, Company Of Wolves, Brian de Palma on Body Double, John Buechler fx, Larry Cohen's The Stuff, Blood Simple, Silent Night Deadly Night poster…$10

FANGORIA #43 (1985) Mario Bava Part 2, Day Of The Dead set report, John Ashley and Lewis Teague interviews, The Tingler, Carlo Rambaldi, Stephen King/Peter Straub interviews Part 2, Too Scared To Scream, Creepshow poster…$10

FANGORIA #44 (1985) Friday The 13th A New Beginning (plus poster), Dan O'Bannon on Return Of The Living Dead, Nightmare On Elm St effects, 2019 After The Fall Of New York, Silver Bullet, Dark Shadows' Jonathan Frid, Robert Wise, John Saxon, Kurt Siodmak…$10

FANGORIA #45 (1985) Friday The 13th A New Beginning FX, Jack Hill on Roger Corman, Dick Miller, Fright Night, Elvira, The Stuff, Elm St's Heather Langencamp, Dean Koontz, Jerry Warren, Stephen King in Creepshow poster…$10

FANGORIA #46 (1985) Tobe Hooper on Lifeforce, Re-Animator, Caroline Munro, Howard Koch, Living Dead book excerpt, Mexican ape-men, Day Of The Dead preview, Nightmare On Elm St poster…$10

FANGORIA #47 (1985) Savini on Day Of The Dead, Lifeforce FX, Mad Max 3, Neon Maniacs, Fright Night set report, Dante's Explorers, Robert Englund, The Terminator poster…$10

FANGORIA #48 (1985) Romero on Day Of The Dead, Return Of The Living Dead design, Silver Bullet, Fright Night FX, Gene (brother of Roger) Corman, Clive Barker's Books Of Blood, Atomic Submarine, Day Of The Dead poster…$10

FANGORIA #49 (1985) Dario Argento on Creepers, Hammer director Val Guest, Howling 2, Invaders From Mars, Fright Night's Chris Sarandon, Robert Bloch (Psycho author), Elm St 2, Silver Bullet, Fright Night poster…$10

FANGORIA #50 (1986) SPECIAL 50th ISSUE: Re-Animator (plus poster), The Bride, Elm St 2, Angelo Rossitto, Hammer FX man Phil Leakey, Clu Gulager, Underworld, Beverly Garland…$10

FANGORIA #51 (1986) Mary Woronov, Wes Craven, Tales From The Darkside and Return Of The Living Dead FX, Psycho 3, Critters, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Clive Barker, House, Freddy's Revenge poster…$10

FANGORIA #52 (1986) Interviews with Ian McCulloch (Zombie Flesh Eaters), Lamberto Bava (Demons), John Carradine, Roberta Findlay (Snuff), Amy Irving (The Fury), Anthony Perkins (Psycho 3), Richard Franklin (Link), Return Of The Living Dead poster…$10

FANGORIA #53 (1986) Gordon Hessler (Scream And Scream Again), Dario Argento on Demons, Hellraiser FX, April Fool's Day, The Majorettes, Prehistoric Women, The Blob, Night Of The Living Dead's Chilly Billy, Friday The 13th poster…$10

FANGORIA #54 (1986) Ramsay Campbell, Poltergeist 2, Maximum Overdrive, Critters FX, James Karen on Invaders From Mars, John Russo, Dolls, John Agar, Freddie Francis on Doctor And The Devils, Death Warmed Up, House poster…$10

FANGORIA #55 (1986) Cronenberg's The Fly set report, Ralph Bates on his Hammer days, Poltergeist 2, Miami Golem, Lance Henrickson on Aliens, From Beyond FX, Tobe Hooper, Clive Barker on his Books Of Blood, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, Horror Of Dracula poster…$10

FANGORIA #56 (1986) Interviews: Stephen King on Maximum Overdrive, Wes Craven on Deadly Friend, David Cronenberg on The Fly, James Cameron on Aliens, Christopher Lee on Howling 3, Vamp, Willard, Charles Band, Stan Winston, The Thing poster… $10

FANGORIA #57 (1986) David Cronenberg on The Fly Part 2, Wes Craven on Deadly Friend Part 2, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, Stan Winston on Aliens, Charles Band, Maximum Overdrive FX, Friday The 13th: Jason Lives, Wraith, Psycho III, Poltergeist 2 poster…$10

FANGORIA #58 (1986) Chris Walas on The Fly's FX, David Lynch on Blue Velvet, Tom Atkins on Night Of The Creeps, Ken Foree on From Beyond, Trick Or Treat, Poltergeist FX, Robert Englund, Mel Welles on Little Shop Of Horrors, Aliens poster…$10

FANGORIA #59 (1986) Vincent Price on From A Whisper To A Scream, David Carradine, Stuart Gordon on From Beyond, Robert Clarke, Demons FX, Sam Sherman, Friday 13th Part 6, Tales From The Darkside, The Fly poster… $10

FANGORIA #60 (1986) The Exorcist special (Blatty, Friedkin and Blair remember!), Little Shop Of Horrors remake, Barbara (Re-Animator) Crampton, Linda (Terminator) Hamilton, Kristie (Deadly Friend) Swanson, The Exorcist poster… $10

FANGORIA #61 (1987) Rawhead Rex, Hammer's Michael Carreras, Samuel Arkoff, Fred Dekker on Night Of The Creeps, Dick Miller, John Getz on The Fly, Jeffrey Combs interview, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 poster… $10

FANGORIA #68 (1987) Larry Cohen interview, The Jason Saga Part One, Rick Baker, Pumkinhead, Charles Band on Ghoulies 2, The Hidden, Slasher Beach Party, The Unholy, The Lost Boys poster… $10

FANGORIA #69 (1987 John Carpenter on Prince Of Darkness, Frank Henenlotter on Brain Damage, Linnea Quigley, Jason: The Final Chapter, Norman J. Warren, Graveyard Shift, Italian slashers, The Running Man, Pumpkinhead, Friday The 13th Part 3 poster… $10

FANGORIA #70 (1987) Gunnar Hansen on Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Blood Diner, Return Of The Living Dead Part 2, Anne Rice, Prtison, Cameron's Closet, Friday the 13th: The Series, Pumpkinhead, early George Romero, Hellraiser poster… $10

FANGORIA #72 (1988) Bruce Campbell on Maniac Cop, Frank Henenlotter interview, Bad Dreams, Poltergeist 3, Mortuary Academy, Night Of The Living Dead 20th birthday, Slaughterhouse Rock, The Howling poster… $10

FANGORIA #74 (1988) Dario Argento on Opera, Friday The 13th Part 7, the making of Beetlejuice, Critters 2, The Unholy, Hammer's Anthony Hinds, Bruce Abbott on Bad Dreams and Re-Animator 2, Michael Biehn on The Seventh Sign, Return Of The Living Dead Part 2 poster… $10

FANGORIA #75 (1988) George Romero on Monkey Shines, Child's Play, Phantasm 2, Not Of This Earth remake, Poltergeist 3, Hammer's Anthony Hinds, Ghost Town, Hellraiser 2 preview, Dead Heat poster… $10

FANGORIA #76 (1988) Hellraiser 2, Angus Scrimm on the Phantasm films, George Romero on Monkey Shines, Fright Night Part 2, The Blob and Nightmare On Elm St FX, AIP star Richard Devon, Beetlejuice poster… $10

FANGORIA #77 (1988) Tom Savini and Elvira interviews, Don Coscarelli on Phantasm 2, Nightmare On Elm St 4, The Blob and Fright Night Part 2 FX, Donald G. Jackson, Dolls poster… $10

FANGORIA #79 (1988) Tim Lucas' second-part survey of Jess Franco films, David Cronenberg on Dead Ringers, Child's Play, Lair Of The White Worm, Halloween 4, Nightmare On Elm St 4 FX, Aquarius Films (Make Them Die Slowly), Watchers, Halloween 3 poster… $10

FANGORIA #80 (1988) David Cronenberg on Dead Ringers Part 2, The Fly 2, Warlock, I Madman, Duane Jones (Night Of The Living Dead) remembere, Donald Pleasence interview, Friday The 13th: The Series, Pet Sematary, Elvira poster… $10

FANGORIA #82 (1989) Doug Bradley on Hellraiser, Reggie Nalder (Mark Of The Devil), Brion James interview, Clive Barker on Books Of Blood: The Comics, Fly 2 FX, Leviathan, Graham Masterton, Return Of Swamp Thing, Killer Klowns From Outer Space poster… $10

FANGORIA #89 (1990) Edgar Allan Poe special, Two Evil Eyes, Leatherface, Donald Pleasence on Halloween 5, Jonathan (Dark Shadows) Frid, Edgar Wallace retrospective, Halloween 4 poster… $10

FANGORIA #91 (1990) Bride Of Re-Animator, William Friedkin on The Guardian, S.F. Brownrigg, Clive Barker, Frank Henenlotter on Basket Case 2, Hazel Court, Tremors, Tales From The Darkside: The Movie, The Hidden poster… $10

FANGORIA #94 (1990) Henry Portrait Of A Serial Killer controversy, Exorcist 3: Legion, Christopher Lee on Gremlins 2, Linda Blair on Repossessed, Monsters, Tales From The Crypt, Basket Case 2 poster… $10

BLOODY BEST OF FANGORIA #11 (1992)  Malcolm McDowell, Misery, Addams Family movie, origins of Fangoria, Cthulhu Cinema, Robert Englund, Stan Winston, Silence Of The Lambs People Under The Stairs, Clive Barker… $10

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