Monday, December 3, 2012

Devil Doll (1964) Laminated US onesheet

DEVIL DOLL (British horror, 1964) LAMINATED original US one sheet

British horror film from 1964 directed by Canadian-born Lindsay Shonteff, and starring Bryant Haliday, William Sylvester and Yvonne Romain.

SYNOPSIS (from IMDB): Vorelli is a ventriloquist & hypnotist, with an amazing dummy, Hugo. Vorelli meets and pursues a beautiful heiress (Marianne); he mesmerizes her, and induces a baffling coma. His buxom mistress (Magda) fears he'll dump her for the younger woman, and threatens to expose him. Vorelli tricks Hugo into killing Magda while he's safely elsewhere. Marianne's boyfriend Mark investigates. He discovers another killing in Vorelli's past, of a man called Hugo. The girl wakes from her coma, and announces she will marry the hypnotist. When the triumphant Vorelli tells Hugo his plans for Marianne and a new, female dummy, a final confrontation yields surprising results.

LAMINATED green-and-black one sheet poster (104cm x 68.5cm) from the film's original US cinema release

CONDITION: The poster itself is in spotless shape; the laminate has several creases here and there but is otherwise in good condition.


PRICE: $30 plus $10 shipping within Australia (PayPal, EFT, Australia Post money orders or personal cheques), $15 shipping outside Australia (PayPal only). PLEASE ASK ABOUT COMBINED POSTAGE RATES FOR MULTIPLE ITEMS.

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