Monday, December 3, 2012

The BROTHERHOOD OF SATAN (1971) unopened seeds of Satan!

The BROTHERHOOD OF SATAN (1971) unopened seeds of Satan!

A demon-spirit of madness and murder holds a California town in the grip of terror... A most unusual exploitation gimmick used by the distributors of the Seventies horror flick starring Peckinpah regulars Strother Martin and L.Q. Jones.

"FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS: This packet contains the seed of SATAN'S SOUL, mysterious bloom with remarkable power to protect against the Black Magic of The BROTHERHOOD OF SATAN…" Plant all but one of the seeds after watching the film; if they bloom pink or red, you're safe, but if a white bloom appears, you must wear it as an amulet until it withers and dies!

CONDITION: In good shape considering its age (over 30 years!), a few small creases on the packet is all, and PLEASE let us know if the seeds grow!


PRICE: $20 plus $5 shipping within Australia (PayPal, EFT, Australia Post money orders or personal cheques). Apologies to overseas customers, but due to Australian Customs regulations, we are unable to ship plant material overseas. PLEASE ASK ABOUT COMBINED POSTAGE RATES FOR MULTIPLE ITEMS.

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