Monday, December 3, 2012

This Is America Erotica (1977) laminated Aussie onesheet

THIS IS AMERICA EROTICA (1977) LAMINATED original Aussie one sheet

Also known as This Is America, Jabberwalk, Crazy Ridiculous American People and Sex Maniac's Guide to the USA - a Mondo shockumentary on bizarre and unusual practices in the USA, directed by Romano Vanderbes and featuring a young Arnold Schwarzeneggar.

Synopsis (from IMDB): Inspired by shock-documentaries like Mondo Cane, this film looks at the wilder side of life in America. Starting off with the bloodier side of the American car culture by showing a series of crashes at race events, the film then goes on to lesser-known sexual practices. Included among these is a porno movie award show, a nude beauty contest, a sex therapy session, and a detailed explanation of where dildos come from.

LAMINATED and rare-as-hell red-and-black one sheet poster (89cm x 58.5cm) from the film's original Australian cinema release

CONDITION: The poster itself is in spotless shape; the laminate has several creases here and there but is otherwise in good condition.


PRICE: $30 plus $10 shipping within Australia (PayPal, EFT, Australia Post money orders or personal cheques), $15 shipping outside Australia (PayPal only). PLEASE ASK ABOUT COMBINED POSTAGE RATES FOR MULTIPLE ITEMS.

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