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The True Story Of Eskimo Nell (1975) Aussie daybill

The TRUE STORY OF ESKIMO NELL (dir. Richard Franklin, 1975) Australian R-rated comedy starring sex symbol Abigail and Grahame (Auntie Jack) Bond.

Australian daybill poster (76cm x 33.5cm) from the film's original cinema release.

SYNOPSIS: In The True Story Of Eskimo Nell, Max Gillies plays Deadeye Dick, peeping tom, foul-smelling bullshit artist, failed bushranger and all-round hopeless sack of shit. He teams up with champion dick-wrangler Mexico Pete (Serge Lazareff) after a disastrous liaison involving an irate husband, and together they go searching for Dick’s sexual El-Dorado, the mythical first-rate whore and “Queen Whomper” named Eskimo Nell. They eventually come across “Nell” in a cheesy mountain hotel, and is hardly what Pete imagined, but Dick, lost in his one-eyed dreamworld, discovers the one glimmer of happiness his sad existence had denied him.

The 1973 British sex comedy Eskimo Nell had already covered the making of a fictitious softcore version (as well as a gay western, kung fu and sickly family version!) of the famous bawdy 19th Century poem by a unscrupulous smut film producer. Franklin’s version, co-written with Alan (Alvin Purple) Hopgood, sticks closer to the source material and transposes the action to a more culturally iconic stomping ground: the Ballarat Goldfields, the Eureka Stockade, the snow-capped Blue Mountains. The ambitious Franklin’s second unit even filmed the Klondike scenes - where Dick supposedly loses his eye - outside Montreal, and some incredible location shots such as the iceflows from the Canadian far north helped win the film an AFI award for Best Photography.

CONDITION: Good. Some creases near the corners and folds, and small age stains.


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