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PLEASE NOTE: All DVDs are original, pre-loved Australian rental or sell-thru releases on PAL format, Region Four or All Regions UNLESS NOTED.

CONDITION: All DVDs are ex-rental, and therefore many covers will have stickers or slight damage to them, and discs may have some surface marks, however all discs are guaranteed to play.

HOW TO ORDER: We have ONE COPY ONLY of each title, so please email us at first to check availability and to get a total including postage costs.

COST and PAYMENT: All discs are just $5 each. We can no longer process credit cards, but can now accept the much safer EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) and PayPal, as well as postal orders, personal cheques and international money orders. 

Ab-Normal Beauty (Pang Brothers, Thai/HK) $5

Alive (Japan) $5

Aragami (Japan) $5

Azumi (Japan) $5

Azumi 2 (Japan) $5

Bang-Rajan (Thai epic) $5

Battle Royale II (Japan) $5

Beast Cops (HK) $5

Beautiful Boxer (Thai) $5

The Big Boss: Special Edition (Bruce Lee) $5

A Bittersweet Life (S Korea) $5

Black Mask (Jet Li) $5

Black Sun: The Nanking Massacre (TF Mou's shocking follow-up to his Men Behind The Sun!) $5

Blind Fists Of Bruce Li (aka Deadly Fist; 70s Bruceploitation!) $5

Blood Brothers (Jason Pai Piao, 70s kung fu) $5

Born To Defend (Jet Li) $5

Born To Fight (Thai) $5

Bruce Lee: A Warrior’s Journey (doco) $5

Bruce Lee In Snake Island (aka Bruce Li In New Guinea; 70s Bruceploitation!) $5

Casshern (Japan live action manga) $5

Chinese Hercules (Bolo Yeung; 70s kung fu) $5

Circus Kids (HK - Donnie Yen, Yuen Biao, subtitled) $5

The Clones Of Bruce Lee (Dick Randall-produced Bruceploitation! With Bruce Le, Bruce Lai & Dragon Lee) $5

A Daughter’s Vengeance (70s kung fu) $5

Double Vision (HK serial killer with Tony Leung, dual language option) $5

DP (Thai horror) $5

Dragon The Master (HK, recent Joseph Lai computer game-influenced martial arts/fantasy) $5

Dragon Lee vs The Five Brothers (70s Bruceploitation!) $5

Eko Eko Azarak 2 (Japan) $5

Eko Eko Azarak 3 (Japan) $5

The Eye 2 (Pang Brothers, Thai/HK) $5

Fearless (Jet Li) $5

Fire Dragon (HK) $5

First Option (HK) $5

A Fistful Of Yen (70s kung fu) $5

The Fuccons (Japan) $5

Future Cops (HK) $5

Gantz Volumes 1-3 (bizarre sci-fi anime) $10 for set of 3 discs

Gen X Cops (HK) $5

Ghost Mother (Thai horror) $5

Guns And Roses (HK) $5

Gunsmith Cats (complete anime series) $5

.Hack//Sign Volume 1 (anime) $2

The Hand Of Death (Jackie Chan/John Woo kung fu) $5

Heroic Duo (HK) $5

Hidden Blade (Japan) $5

Hidden Desire (HK Category III) $5

Idol Of Darkness (perverse anime, UK release) $5

Infernal Affairs 2 (HK) $5

Inner Senses (HK horror) $5

Inugami (Japan) $5

Invisible Waves (HK horror) $5

Iron Monkey Strikes Back (70s kung fu) $5

Kids From Shaolin (Jet Li) $5

King Boxer (90s kung fu) $5

Laboratory Of The Devil (Godfrey Ho's sequel to the shocking Men Behind The Sun!) $5

The Last Hero In China (Jet Li) $5

The Last Blood (HK) $5

A Man Called Hero (HK) $5

Master With Cracked Fingers (early 70s Jackie Chan) $5

Master With Cracked Fingers (early 70s Jackie Chan)/Tiger Heart $5

Naked Weapon (HK girl assassins, English dubbed) $5

Nine Venoms (Chang Cheh directs, supernatural 80s kung fu) $5

Ninja Dragon (Richard Harrison/Godfrey Ho cut-and-paste for Joseph Lai's IFD) $5 

Phone (S Korean horror) $5

Premonition (Japan) $5

Princess Blade (Japan) $5

Pulse (Japan) $5

The Punch Of Death (Meng Fei, 70s kung fu) $5

The Quiet Family (S Korean horror) $5

Resurrection Of Golden Wolf (Sonny Chiba) $5

Returner (Japan) $5

The Return Of The God Of Gamblers (Chow Yun Fat) $5

Return To A Better Tomorrow (HK, Andy Lau; English dubbed) $5

Ring (the Japanese original!) $5

Ring 0 (Japan) $5

Score (Japan yakuza, filmed in Philippines) $5

Screaming Ninja (Wang Yu, 70s kung fu) $5

Shadow Of The Wraith (Japan) $5

Shadowless Sword (S Korea) $5

Shanghai Noon (Jackie Chan) $5

The Sinking Of Japan (recent Japanese remake) $5

Sister Street Fighter (Sonny Chiba, English dubbed) $5

Sleepless Town (HK/Japan gangsters, w/Takeshi Kaneshiro) $5

The Snake Strikes Back (Mad, bad 70s kung fu from Taiwan, stars Elton Chong!) $5

The Street Fighter’s Last Revenge (Sonny Chiba, dubbed into English) $5

Survival Of The Dragon (70s kung fu) $5

Swordsman III (HK) $5

The Tigers (HK gangsters directed by Eric INFERNAL AFFAIRS Tsang, stars Andy Lau & Tony Leung; dubbed into English) $5

Time And Tide (HK, Tsui Hark directs Nicholas Tse & Anthony Wong; dual language option) $5

A Touch Of Zen (70s kung fu classic directed by King Hu) $5

The Tuxedo (Jackie Chan) $5

Volcano High (S Korea) $5

Warlords (HK historical epic with Jet Li, Andy Lau & Takeshi Kaneshiro; double disc set, subtitled) $5

Young Tiger (Meng Fei, 70s kung fu) $5

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