Monday, December 3, 2012

Raiders Of The Sun (1992) Aussie VHS

RAIDERS OF THE SUN (dir. Cirio H. Santiago, 1992) "Bloodthirsty factions rule the barren earth. It's the 21st Century and a biological disaster has ruined the planet. Here, in a world where gunpowder is more valuable than gold, a few hundred survivors wage the final conflict for power and control. Yet among them rises a new warrior, destined to shape the aeons which will follow -- a man who stops at nothing to achieve his ends, and for whom courage is the only commodity."

Filipino-shot post apocalypse action starring Richard Norton, William Steis, Henry Strzalkowski, Nick Nicholson, Joseph Zucchero, Nigel Hogge

A mega-rarity released in Australia in the early 90s on the Home Cinema Group label.

OVERSEAS CUSTOMERS PLEASE NOTE: This VHS video tape is in PAL format, so please check that you have a multi-system video player before ordering.           

CONDITION: The original clamshell box and cover are in good condition (very minor scuffing and creases along the edges); the tape has been hardly played and is in excellent condition.


PRICE: $20 plus $10 shipping within Australia (PayPal, EFT, Australia Post money orders or personal cheques), $15 shipping outside Australia (PayPal only). PLEASE ASK ABOUT COMBINED POSTAGE RATES FOR MULTIPLE ITEMS.

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